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Questek Announces Humanis Version 7

TORONTO -- Questek Systems announced the new version of their premier staffing product today. Humanis Staffing Software version 7 (formerly QUESTar) has been released with a great number of new features and improvements.

Among the biggest new features are native fax and bulk email support, qualification highlighting, the ability to brand resumes and the introduction of comprehensive business rules and workflow.

"We've put a huge amount of work into Humanis 7," said TJ Sullivan, CTO of Questek Systems. "This version adds the majority of the features that users have requested, as well as adding some bells and whistles that make people work more effectively."

Tim Sullivan, President of Questek System, explains the name change. "The new product name, Humanis, is indictive of our movement from a powerful search and retrieval system, to a more enterprise-based solution centered around people, both Applicants and Client Contacts."

This has been a very successful year for Questek with a revenue increase of more than 50% over the prior year in a very difficult market. In addtion, the company moved to new, larger office space, added additional staff, and launched a new corporate image. The rebranding of QUESTar as Humanis was one of the steps in this process.

Questek Systems Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of software to the staffing industry throughout North America, and is one of the few suppliers to offer fully integrated front and back office systems. For more infomation, please contact Tim Sullivan, Questek Systems, Inc. at (800) 246-8526 x601.