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Elegant User Interface

As you can see from this screenshot, the Humanis look is very clean. A large amount of information is presented clearly, and is not subject to screen resolution problems that may be found with other products.

This screen is very customizable. All the fields of information that you can see can be placed anywhere on this form. User-defined fields, which you can create, can be placed just as easily. Also, colors, fonts, and menus are definable on a user-by-user basis. You can also enable or disable which tabs are visible.

Glenn Daley of Daley & Associates said:
We are extremely pleased with Humanis. It is user friendly, and a small amount of common sense will get you where you want to be.  
The upper panel of the screen features information without labels. If you would like to confirm what an area is (for instance, one of the phone numbers on the screen), simply hold the mouse over it for a moment, and the system will tell you:

Humanis also stores the resume (both the text and the scanned image, if required) with the applicant record. You can edit the resume, changing the fonts, attributes (like bold, italic, underline, etc) and add images. All notes areas in Humanis are all full rich text format.

You can now find and highlight specified words in a resume if you wish! Words are automatically highlighted after doing a resume search. Alternately, you can specify which words to highlight. (In this image, "programmer" was specified.)

Clients and Orders look and feel very similar, making the whole system easier to use! Once you know how to use one section, the rest just make sense, because they work the same way!

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