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Lightning Fast Searches

The key to any good staffing software system is a fast, powerful search system. Humanis boasts the fastest searches available, and also provides you with powerful tools to find exactly the records you want.

The search menu provides you with the ability to select what it is you want to search. Since you can use the same menu from any module, Humanis can intelligently enter default search parameters for you, reducing the amount of work involved in finding applicants for jobs.

The search dialog allows you to specify qualifications, fields and, if applicable, a resume search string.

Paul Hughes of Mark Staffing said:
One of our consultants needed to send out a message to the 300 odd people on assignment. She did a search, found the names, sent an email and updated their activities in minutes. Now that's what I call productivity!  

The field search is very powerful, and allows you to do searches that most systems would require reports for. For example, you could search for all the applicants who have worked as a data entry clerk in the last six months. Or you could find all the clients who placed orders and which had more than three interviews on them. All of these are possible and easy with the Humanis search.

Using the field search couldn't be easier: simply click to add a condition, and then select values from the lists that appear. Best of all, you can mix and match all these searches, giving you more flexibility and power than any other system available today. You can even associate an order with your search, allowing you to easily see what results came up for what orders.

Once you've entered the search, Humanis displays all the results in a powerful results display. Here, you can sort, group, and organize your results, as well as send an email  or text message to any or all of them.

The Avail % column can display how available an applicant is for an order. Unlike some systems, which have rigid status codes for applicants, Humanis bases availability on actual dates and times that the applicant is available. This way, applicants can't fall through the cracks when jobs are finished.  

But matches aren't all you'll need. You'll want to be able to quickly see how the applicant matches the search. So the qualification screen highlights the qualifications that are matched, and the resume highlights the words that were searched, if applicable! It's the little touches like this that make Humanis easier to use than any other staffing software package.

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