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Order Tracking

Humanis provides a simple and powerful way to track both direct hire and temporary job orders. With our powerful, client-specific template system, entering a job order can be done in as few as seven clicks of the mouse, with no typing at all!

Of course, you have total control over all aspects of an order, including its start and end, pay and bill rates, how many people they need, and even create unique daily schedules.

John Nalli of PeopleSOURCE said:
Humanis has helped us stay ahead of the recruitment industry because we have provided our staff with tools that ultimately assist them in their role and provide our clients with information at their fingertips. 

One of the biggest time-savers in Humanis are order templates. An order template is a series of settings that include job description, pay rate, bill rate, and requirements. These are all keyed to a job position. When editing a temp or direct hire order, you can select the position from the drop down and it will automatically fill in the job description, pay and bill rates and requirements and more.

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