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Organizing Your Time

What you do with your time is important. Knowing what you have planned not just today but for the next few days or weeks is imperitive to good customer service!

Humanis helps. When you first start up the software, you are greeted with Humanis Today. This is a powerful, customizable view of your appointments for the next few days, any incomplete activities, some useful statistics, and a list of the job orders that are starting and closing today.

Humanis Today is completely interactive, allowing you to click on appointments or activites to edit them, or click on job orders to view them. It's a highly effective way to start your day, giving you an idea of everything that's coming up.

The Humanis Day Planner also is an effective tool for dealing with appointments, luncheons, and more. It provides an attractive view by the day, work week, full week or month of your schedule. You can even view multiple schedules side by side, and share appointments with your co-workers, view other people's schedules, and more.

Of course, you can print your day timer in whatever view you wish.

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