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Sophisticated Qualifications

Humanis boasts the most robust skill and qualifications system available in the staffing industry. This sophisticated qualification selection and display is far more powerful than basic 'keywords' or 'skills' systems and allows for accurate descriptions of applicants, job and client requirements. As with everything else in Humanis, it is completely user definable.

Qualifications display in a compact and descriptive manner. This allows you to quickly glean important information about the applicant's skills without scrolling through muliple lists of skills. Additionally, qualifications can be colour-coded, making it easier to see important qualifications (such as "do not use"!)

Editing qualifications is easy, too. Since the qualifications are hierarchial, you can quickly find the ones you're looking for and add them. You can even search through the list for even faster entry of data. Each qualification entry can have a note with information about it.

Qualifications are also specified on orders, as requirements. This allows you to find applicants more quickly, since they are automatically populated when you search. Additionally, you can do "reverse searches", to find jobs which have certain skills.

Better qualifications mean better results, with less false matches. Since everything is organized for you, it's easy to find exactly who you need!

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