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Humanis Staffing Software

Computers were supposed to make your job easier. Faster. More efficient. Perhaps for the first time, this promise is being delivered on for the staffing industry. A no excuses, no hassles, no compromises software package for the staffing industry: Humanis.

Humanis organizes your business and allows you to do what you do best: close orders. Armed with the arsenal of tools that Humanis provides, you'll find yourself closing more jobs, more quickly, with a higher rate of return. Your applicants will be happier, your clients will be happier, and best of all: you and your staff will be happier.

Pati Cinkle of Alar Staffing Corp. said:
I really do appreciate your commitment to making a good product. Having software that you can trust is so important and Humanis is so intuitive and easy. It's such a pleasure to use! It is already adding value to my business & personal life!  

Carefully designed to be easy to learn, with a simple and elegant user interface, Humanis provides rich functionality without cluttered screens! Behind its simple and easy to learn interface lies the most powerful features available in the industry.

Humanis Staffing Software consists of a full front-office system, ideal for Recruiters, Direct-Hire, Contract and Temporary Staffing companies as well as Corporate HR Departments. We can also provide a full, truly integrated back office, including Pay/Bill, A/R, A/P and G/L and Consultant Commission Reporting. We also interface into external accounting packages, if required.

There is also a web add-on available called the Humanis Web Portal, which provides online timesheet entry, applicant self entry, client order entry and more. Find out more about this powerful addition to Humanis!

Here are just some of the features in Humanis:

If you're interested in an informal look at the hows and whys of Humanis, you should read A Narrower Gap, a weblog written by our Chief Technical Officer.