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How the Humanis Web Portal Works - Timesheets

Applicant Logs In

The timesheet entry process begins as soon as the applicant has logged into the Humanis Web Portal. Applicants are presented with a list of items which need their attention, which includes timesheets which are due (or overdue!) From this list, the applicant can select a timesheet which they want to fill in.

Applicant Fills in Timesheet and Submits

Once a timesheet is selected, the applicant can fill in their hours using the edit timesheet form. Additionally, applicants are optionally permitted to enter any expenses into the system, in addition to their hours. This carries right through the approval process and into the Humanis Timesheet process.

Once the timesheet is filled in, they can "lock" it, which submits it to the client for review. They can also save their progress at any time, returning later on to finish. Once the timesheet is locked, it cannot be edited by the applicant or the client.

Client Receives Notification and Logs In

When the applicant has locked their timesheet, an email is sent to the proper contacts at the company, indicating that timesheets now require approval. The email contains a link to the login screen for the Humanis Web Portal. Once the contact logs in, they are presented with a list of timesheets that require approval.

Client Reviews Timesheets and Approves or Rejects Them

If the timesheets are all reasonable, the contact can accept all or some of them quickly by checking them off and pressing Accept. Otherwise, they can review timesheets individually by clicking on them to see a detail. From this screen they can either approve the timesheet, or reject it, providing a reason for why the timesheet is invalid.

Applicant Receives Notification

Once a timesheet has been reviewed, the applicant receives an email indicating whether their timesheet has been approved or rejected. If it has been rejected, the reason why is included, as well as a link to login to the Humanis Web Portal to revise their timesheet. Once they've made the changes, the timesheet is locked again, and the client is notified that they need to review and approve the timesheet.

If the timesheet has been approved, the applicant doesn't need to take any actions. They can, however, review their approved timesheets by logging in.

Timesheets Are Imported Into Humanis Timesheets

At the beginning of the payroll process, during timesheet entry, all approved timesheets are imported automatically into Humanis. At this point, it is exactly as if the timesheets have been entered by hand, except that they can be rejected back to either the client (if the timesheet has been approved in error) or back to the applicant (if the timesheet is obviously incorrect). Complete control over the timesheet is always available, so there is no fear of accidentally processing invalid timesheets.