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Humanis Web Portal

The Humanis Web Portal complements the Humanis Front Office and Humanis Back Office products. The portal acts as a gateway which allows access to certain Humanis information for your clients, applicants and employees.

Using a powerful template system, the Humanis Web Portal can have the look and feel of your own website. It is secure, and very easy to use.

The Humanis Web Portal offers the following features:

  • Applicant Self Entry
    Let applicants enter themselves into your system quickly and easily! This is a full web implementation of our desktop Applicant Self Entry module.
  • Applicant Services
    Let applicants enter timesheets, apply for jobs, update their contact information, view work and pay history and more!
  • Client Order Entry
    Client can quickly create new job orders which become immediately available in Humanis. They can even select from exisiting order templates which were defined for them!
  • Client Reporting
    Clients can enter job orders, edit selected information, obtain reports on job history or invoice/accounts receivable information. Timeslips can be approved or rejected with appropriate notes if applicable. Emails are automatically generated to contacts when timeslips require approval and to applicants when they have been rejected.
  • Job Listings
    Applicants can view, search and apply for job orders in Humanis without hassle!
  • Messaging
    Improve communications with your applicants and clients and keep them up to date with news, or even send personal messages!
  • Timeslip Entry and Approval
    Applicants can submit timeslips, clients can approve (or reject) them, and it all automatically goes into Humanis, reducing your payroll workload signifigantly. A detailed description of how this works is available here.
  • Complete Customization
    The Humanis Web Portal provides simple, but very powerful templates which allow you to customize the look, feel and available features of the system. They are fully standards compliant, using XHTML and CSS, allowing your web designer to easily modify them to your specifications.